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Love 14K Gold Ring - Stackable
Love 14K Gold Ring - Stackable

Illumination Rune Sterling Silver Ring
Illumination Rune Sterling Silver Ring

Grace Ring - Stackable in Sterling Silver
Grace Ring - Stackable in Sterling Silver

Gratitude Key Chain
Gratitude Key Chain

You Are Beautiful - Inspiration Necklace
You Are Beautiful - Inspiration Necklace

Transformational Jewelry
Eco-friendly inspirational jewelry that can change your life

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Eco-friendly Jewelry that can change your life.

The Secret to Changing Your Life with Transformational Jewelry

Whether you’re searching for clarity and focus or working toward a powerful life change, Transformational Jewelry can help you on your journey. At Payson Jewelry, we’ve designed a custom line of jewelry specifically for Peak Potentials to aid you with your transformation.

You create your life through the focus of your intentions. From movies such as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know,” to speakers such as T. Harv Eker, Wayne Dyer, and Anthony Robbins, we are surrounded by the knowledge and experience that what we focus on expands. And from Dr. Emoto, we know that water significantly changes its crystalline structure when prayed over or when positive words such as “love” and “gratitude” are written on the water’s container.

After graduating from several amazing and transformational Peak Potentials courses, I found I had difficulty integrating and maintaining the changes in my daily life. I discovered that daily use of the mantras, words, and practices taught at Peak Potentials have helped me to bring transformations into my life.

I am inspired by all that I have learned. Through meditation, jewelry design images appeared to me, which are perfectly aligned with the phenomenal teachings of Peak Potentials. These images have manifested into valuable tools you can use each day to reinforce your intent to the universe.

By using the Transformational Jewelry as a constant reminder of your focus and your journey, you are creating greater and longer lasting changes and success.

Click to read " 5 Simple Steps to Transform Your Life with Jewelry " a simple process that will greatly improve your success.


Some things people are saying about Transformational Jewelry:

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“Working with Payson, proprietor and operator of Payson & Co's Transformational Jewelry, has been delightful. She has created and filled more than five very special jewelry orders for me. Each individual piece has been unique and special unto itself. From the design process to the delivery of each piece, it has been an honor and a pleasure to do business with Payson. The materials are the best of the best and there are numerous shapes, (designs), sizes, and font choices that give you everything you need to create or select an unusual piece for a friend, lover, family member or anyone you wish to delight.

Check out her beautiful web site and see for yourself what looks desirable to you. I bet you won't be able to narrow your choice to simply one piece of jewelry. So this recommendation comes with a disclaimer, that perusing her web site could easily lead to purchasing more than one piece of beautiful jewelry. ”

- Danna Wessels, Boulder, Colorado

“I enjoy wearing the Namaste Ring because it reminds me of the essence of my yoga practice, and ultimately the essence of my life: to honor the divine in all beings everywhere, and to be present in each moment.”
- Namaste - Kate Hagerman, Writer and Yoga Teacher, New York, NY

“I have been wearing the stackable rings every day. I love them so much I don't even take them off. I wake up to the phrases every morning and they put happy thoughts in my mind, which sets the tone for the day. One of them is the Gratitude Ring , and my first thought every morning is being grateful for another beautiful beginning of a day! So many moments of my day are transformed with glances at them. It really is wonderful.”
- Sandra Markovic, New York, NY

“I love wearing my band on my right thumb because I always glance at it. It has my mantra on it, ‘courage, faith, trust, love ’ and it reminds me to have courage, keep the faith, trust myself, and extend love in every situation. When I forget, I only have to look at the ring and I can bring myself back to those four profound words. When I'm not wearing it and I find myself thinking negatively, I'll put it on and almost immediately my thoughts shift, my energy rises, and my integrity is back on track.”
- Kimberly Thompson, Tampa, FL

"Just wanted to let you know that I really love the Namaste Ring that I ordered. I also wanted you to know that your caring attitude and professional manner was really appreciated and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for creative and interesting jewelry."
- A. Johnson, CT

.....my gratitude ring has been a remarkable experience for me.  I only have to look at my ring, which is so very frequently, pause and give gratitude for all my experiences and all that I have.  It has allowed me to stay connected to my Spirit in a way I knew it would, when I went out searching the website for one.  I feel BLESSED to have found your design.  Not only is the message inspiring me, from every waking moment, but the ring itself is very comfortable.  Today, I will join my gratitude ring with another stackable one - 'Love '.  My gratitude pendant has inspired many people who come in contact with me, especially my dance partners.  I'm a ballroom dancer and those men are up close to me, and can read the pendant clearly....it always takes us into a conversation about being grateful for Life.  This necklace not only inspires me, but it reaches out to others that I come in contact with.  Thank you Payson for your creation.  It's a God send.  You are doing God's work!

- Kathy Coupland, Atlanta, GA

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